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Below you will find photography and wedding websites.

Spire Travel
First class wedding car service for your special day, from having the bridal car, to the bridesmaid’s car, and even one for the groom if he’s lucky.
The independent experimental and curious photography and camera tech web space.

Photography Courses

Beginner Photography Guide
Anyone can take pictures. I'll help you become a better photographer with tips for digital photography and film.

My Wedding Reception Planning
An online guide to help you plan for your wedding and wedding reception. This site not only provides information, tips and advice to plan your wedding and reception but also requests audience participation with surveys and special invitations to voice opinions and bridal plans and problems.

Wedding Ideas And More
You've had them since you were a little girl dressing up, with a "veil" and a bunch of flowers.
Now the make believe is real and it's time to put some of those ideas into a plan.